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Transferring large amounts of data

We'll collect the data from you by express courier

Free trialThere's no need to wait several days or even weeks for large files or volumes of data to be backed up online, as our Data Import Service allows you to fast-track your backups. (Recommended for backups over 50Gb).

This is how it works

Bypassing your broadband

  • We deliver a USB external backup drive to your office.
  • Use our software to backup your data onto it, and return it in the pre-printed packaging.
  • We import the data for you, and then the software will only need to auto-upload new or changed files, dramatically cutting down the time it takes to upload large volumes of data.

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Save even more time

In-File version tracking

Our software also has in-file version tracking technology which is ideal for incremental backups of large volumes of data. It only needs to backup changes within a file since the last backup. For example, for a file as large as 100GB that has been couriered to the server, only the changes made within the file, (normally less than 1% of the original file size i.e. 1GB), are required to be backed up again. This amount of data can be backed up easily in one night. As a result, instead of having to back up 100GB everyday, the software just needs to back up 1GB everyday to keep the file backup up-to-date.

Restoring large amounts of data

We'll express deliver the data back to your office

If you need to restore large volumes of data in a hurry and don't want to wait for it to download online, we can deliver the data on an external backup drive, directly to your door by courier anywhere in the UK, so you can be back up and running with the minimum of downtime. (Recommended for file restores over 200Gb).


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